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My first fic here

Title: Never Grab a Snake by the Tail
Gift for: lijahlover
Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Word Count434
Pairings: Top! Harry/Bottom! Draco
Summary: Draco’s plan of seducing Harry goes array
Rating: R
Prompts: Dirty Drabbles Fetish Ficlet @ flutter_b_wings lijahlover who wanted
Pairing Harry/Draco
Kinks Dark Mark, Parseltounge & wall! sex
Warnings: au, bottom! Draco top! Harry non-con then dub con
Author's Notes: This is a work of Fiction set in the Harry Potter Verse even though it is a work of fiction please observe your City, State, Country Laws regarding the reading of Adult Material
Disclaimer: JKR and WB own Characters and Places.

As Harry rushed to his Auror training he had no idea that Draco was lurking around the corner in a darkened corridor.


“Malfoy, what are you…” Harry’s words were cut short as Draco grabbed Harry’s wrists and pinning his arms above his head, forced his tongue into Harry’s mouth. Breaking the kiss, Draco sneered. “Don’t struggle, Potter, you know you want this,”

The Dark Mark on Draco’s arm seemed to pulsate with a life of its own.

Harry turned and bent his head, licking the Dark Mark, and hissed in Parseltongue, “ssssRssssssssEssssssssLssssssssEssss
ssssAssssssssSssssssssEssssMssssssssEssss ssssDssssRssssssssA

Against his will, Draco found himself loosening his grip on Harry.

“Stop it, Potter!” Draco yelled, because his Dark Mark wasn’t the only part of him that was responding to Harry’s speaking Parseltongue.

Harry could feel Draco’s hardness as it pressed against his own. Harry shook his head to focus then repeated the command. Draco felt his hand responding a little as if he had no control over it, and only a little leeway was needed for Harry to gain control. He quickly grabbed Draco and pinned him against the wall. “ssssIssssssssmssss ssssgssssssssossssssssissssssssnssssssssgssssssss sssstssssssssossssssss ssss fssssssssusssssssscsssssssskssss ssssyssssssssossssussssssssnssssssssosssssssswssss!”
I’m going to fuck you now

Draco’s voice was breathy. “Yesss, pleassse,” he hissed

Harry quickly Spelled their clothes away and pushed himself into Draco dry heat.

Draco bit his bottom lip, tasting blood as Harry continued to push forward, speaking in Parseltongue.

Harry’s pre-cum began to lubricate Draco’s clenched hole as it closed around Harry’s cock.

Draco rutted against the wall while Harry continued fucking Draco’s hole and speaking Parseltongue.

They came together, [comma] Draco screaming incoherently through swollen lips while Harry continued hissing dirty words

Afterwards, Harry was straightening his clothes, and the smallest of smirks played across his lips as he whispered in an evil dark tone that held the promise of other things to come “Never grab a snake by the tail, Malfoy. You just may get more than you bargained for.”
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